production line Isoroc (credit: Alexander Maculan)
Felix Michael Klement, WILDMOSER/KOCH & PARTNER

WILDMOSER/KOCH & PARTNER advises ISOROC on French-austrian M&A transaction

Supported by WILDMOSER/KOCH & PARTNER ISOROC Holding sold a 90 % stake in the Polish company ISOROC Polska specializing in the production of eco-friendly insulation materials to Saint-Gobain. The signing took place on November 24, 2017.


ISOROC Holding and Saint-Gobain had already had business contacts for years. For example, ISOROC Holding sold its stake in one of the largest Russian stone wool plants to Saint-Gobain.


Mineral wool offers particularly impressive heat and sound insulation characteristics. Furthermore mineral wool is appreciated for its fire-protection properties, which have acutely come back into focus of the building industry in the aftermath of a crisis such as the façade fire of the Grenfell Tower in London.


The resulting price and market dynamics required exceptional responsiveness and flexibility of the law firms involved in the particular case.


Represented by Alexander Maculan, the ISOROC Holding AG was supported by Felix Michael Klement (Partner), Max Rammerstorfer (Associate) and Vojtech Joza (Legal Assistant), who provided comprehensive legal advice in all legal matters throughout the transaction. Furthermore Agnieska Pokora from the law firm Marciniuk & Partner in Warsaw – which belongs to WILDMOSER/KOCH & Partners’ international network – supported the transaction.


Wolf Theiss advised Saint-Gobain on this acquisition.


Joint Press Release from WILDMOSER/KOCH & PARTNER and Wolf Theiss