About us

About us


Our law firm has been providing successful legal services to our clients for several generations. Its beginnings can be traced back to the year 1893. We have always faced the need to adapt to new environments, without which this continuity would never have been possible. And we have always been closely linked to business and industry, as shown particularly by the numerous positions the members of our firm hold in various companies and institutions.

Finding ways and answers

Conflicts and transactions generally have a commercial basis and a commercial goal. This is why purely legal solutions are insufficient. As a business law firm we see ourselves as the interface between law and business. This is why the key question for us is, what does the client want in commercial terms, and how can this be achieved by legal means as efficiently as possible.
To create a USP for our clients, we have to understand how legal issues affect success. We have developed a wealth of understanding of commercial contexts in specific sectors, among other ways through long-standing client relationships. Our clients operate in numerous branches of industry, such as banking, the food industry, construction materials industry, transport and logistics, mining, industrial automation and many others.

International, independent

More recently, globalization (and, for Austria, the opening up of eastern Europe) has become particularly relevant for our clients. They have developed new markets. For us, one of the most interesting activities for a lawyer is advising clients on entering new markets. This service has taken us along with our clients into numerous countries (such as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria) and in turn we have gained new clients from several of these countries. We have never felt a need to provide legal services through dependent providers, even in these countries. Independence is essential for the ability to think freely and assess situations critically. Good lawyers do not commit to a dependent relationship in the long term, preferring to act in cooperation with partners on an equal basis. Unlike many other law firms, in this time of globalization we have also avoided dependence on larger foreign entities. We believe that this is incompatible with the traditional Austrian and European understanding of a lawyer. For international transactions we rely on our network of local law firms, tax advisers and public auditors, established over many years. We have remained independent, traditional and European.

International service from a single source

In our globalized world, the overwhelming number of transactions have some international aspect. Entrepreneurial success has no boundaries.
With cross-border transactions, we remain the sole contact for our clients, acting as the interface with our international network of law firms, tax advisers and public auditors with excellent local expertise and contacts, ensuring a comprehensive international service from a single source.