Dr. Felix Michael Klement, MBA

Dr. Felix Michael Klement, MBA

Attorney at Law, Partner

Manager of the Vienna Office


Main Areas of Expertise

Antitrust law, procedural law (Arbitration), corporate law, (distressed) mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring, Joint Ventures (emerging markets)



German, English, French



  • Legal representation in front of the International Sport Tribunal (CAS) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) an the Vienna International Arbitral Centre (VIAC)
  • Member of the Antitrust law study association
  • Lecturer at the Technical University Vienna in the field of Mergers & Acquistions (MBA)
  • Lecturer at the Donau Universtity Krems


Lecture activities and Publications

Dr. Klement is constantly active as lecturer in the fields Joint Ventures, Antitrust Law und M&A (distressed M&A) and is regularly publishing articels and comments in relevant magazines.


Publications (excerpt)

  • KLEMENT, F. M. (2013). German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) Sets out its Opinion on the Preconditions for a Delisting. WBl 2013, 194.
  • KLEMENT, F. M. (2014). German Federal Court (Bundesgerichtshof) Comments on Delisting: No Entitlement to Cash Compensation, No Duty of a General Meeting, No Mandatory Offer. WBl 2014, 133 ff.
  • KLEMENT, F. M. (2015). The Commercial Representation in the European and Austrian Anti-Trust Law. In: NOCKER, M. (2015). Federal Law Concerning Legal Relations of Self Employed Commercial Representatives. A legal commentary.
  • KLEMENT, F. M. (2016). Why there is no Privilege for Commercial Representatives – on the Attribution of Trading Transactions Made by Merchant Intermediaries. WuW, 2016, 15 ff.

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